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Ways to Stay Active Without a Gym

With gym membership prices continually on the rise, many people are struggling to fit it into their budget plans. Though they provide effective fitness classes and state-of-the-art equipment, many are opting out of the membership and are finding ways to stay active in their own homes or outside. Here are our top 8 ways to stay active outside of a gym:


  1. Walk to work

 If you leave within a reasonable distance to your workplace, why not save on gas and walk to work instead? This is a great way to calm your body and mind down before a long shift, and also gives you an opportunity to enjoy the weather during the summer months. Is your work more than a km away? Try biking!


  1. Take the Stairs

 Pass up on the elevator next time you need to go up a few floors by taking the stairs instead. This is a great way to work your lower body in short increments, burn some extra calories during the day, and will keep your legs toned.


  1. Park in the Back

 Add some extra steps into your day by choosing a parking spot in the back of the lot at your local grocery store or shopping mall. This will help you find a parking spot much quicker and will also increase your cardio for the day.


  1. Go to a Park

 Enjoy your cities local green spaces by heading to the parks with your friends. Playing pick-up games of football or even just playing catch can be a great way to boost your metabolism while having fun.


  1. Go Dancing

Take up classes in a certain dance style or head to the local dance club with your friends to burn some extra calories this weekend!


  1. Rollerblade on the Walking Trails

 Is walking too slow paced for you? Spice up your time on the walking trails by investing in a pair of rollerblades. This is a great way to make your outdoor activity dynamic and is a great way to have fun if you’re out on the trails on your own!


  1. Spring Clean

 Get your heart rate up and keep up with your house maintenance at the same time! Use this as your daily activity by gardening, mowing the lawn, or doing a full clean inside your house.


  1. Take up Yoga

Yoga is a fantastic exercise that builds long, lean muscles and the best part is it can be performed anywhere. Watch videos on Youtube to increase your yoga knowledge so that you can eventually do it on your own wherever you please. No gym membership needed.




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