3 Tips to Maintain Your Health Goals While Traveling
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3 Tips to Maintain Your Health Goals While Traveling

June through August is peak travel season in the Northern Hemisphere. School vacations and balmy summer weather mean that many people are packing their bags and heading to their favorite holiday destinations. However, traveling can often expose you to numerous health risks. Learn a few simple tips to help you maintain your health goal while traveling for a more enjoyable trip.


1.      Exercise Everyday

Healthcare professionals recommend getting 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity daily to maintain optimal health. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you need to stop your regular exercise routine; you may just need to make some alterations.

If your vacation plans involve activities like hiking, water sports, or walking tours, you may not need to integrate additional workouts into your itinerary for the day. However, start your day off right for a more relaxed vacation with a quick walk around the block and some bodyweight exercises.

Alternatively, take an online exercise class each morning; there are numerous resources to get your virtual workout, including paid subscription services like Gaia or Classpass or free videos on Youtube.


2.      Stay Hydrated

Hydration is crucial for almost all body functions, from digestion to cognition. Unfortunately, sipping tropical cocktails or enjoying a local coffee shop won’t help you meet your hydration needs. Prevent dehydration by carrying a water bottle with you during your travels. You can also set reminder alarms on your phone to sip water.

If you want to boost your hydration, mix your water with a hydrogen supplement. Hydrogen tablets infuse your water with molecular hydrogen, which hydrates your body on a cellular level. It is also a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, helping your body recover from long days sightseeing or late nights partying.


3.      Boost Your Immune System

Traveling domestically and internationally exposes you to pathogens, potentially ruining your trip. Diseases like influenza and gastroenteritis are common, but if you travel abroad, especially to developing nations, you may be exposed to more serious illnesses such as malaria, hepatitis, and cholera.

In addition to getting the recommended vaccinations for your destination, you can boost your immune system with a healthy, nutrient-dense diet and supplements. Zinc, selenium, and vitamin C are excellent immune boosters and support cell renewal. Antioxidant supplements like Carbon 60 Olive Oil reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.


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