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3 Awesome Workplace Wellness Trends

Companies are discovering the benefits of building a corporate culture that supports their employees’ health and wellness. Healthier employees are happier and more productive, which is ultimately good for the company’s bottom line. Explore three of the biggest workplace wellness trends taking the corporate world by storm.


1.      Desk Workouts

Office workers are at a higher risk of developing health conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Many workplaces are helping increase workers’ activity throughout the day by encouraging desk workouts.


Performing exercises that target large muscle groups at your desk periodically during office hours can help boost circulation, increase muscle strength and improve flexibility.


2.      Nutritional Counseling

Companies are increasingly turning to nutritional counseling to provide preventative care for workers. These sessions benefit employees by encouraging better eating habits to control weight and optimize nutrient intake. They also benefit employers; corporate wellness programs have been shown to increase productivity by one day per month.


During counseling sessions, employees learn how to reduce their risk of a high BMI, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol by making healthier food choices such as lowering their consumption of sodium and saturated fats and increasing their fiber intake.


3.      Access to Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies like acupuncture and taking nootropic supplements have been gaining popularity in the corporate world to promote employee wellness and increase workplace efficiency.


One of the biggest supplements to hit the scene is hydrogen water. High-quality hydrogen tablets dissolved in filtered water have been shown to boost mood and reduce anxiety by improving central nervous system function. Hydrogen water is also thought to increase energy and reduce inflammation, so you get more out of your workday.


Create a Healthier Workplace With Vitality

Whether you are a small business looking to give your employees a boost, or a worker who wants to jumpstart their wellness journey, Vitality has the high-quality supplements you need to support your mind and body. Explore our full range of hydrogen tablets, hydrogen inhalation therapy machines, and carbon 60 olive oil supplements.







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