Pet owners want nothing more than to see their pets lead a long, happy, and healthy life. Carbon 60 can provide your pet with the same benefits it gives to humans. Help your pet fight disease, ward off inflammation, and boost longevity with the powerful antioxidant properties of Vitality C60.


What Vitality C60 is and how it works

Carbon 60, also known as buckminsterfullerene, buckyball, or C60, is a small molecule composed of 60 carbon atoms. These atoms are arranged in a spherical shape and comprise a molecule capable of absorbing toxins and free radicals.

As a result, it holds potential benefits for treating, managing, and preventing dementia, chronic pain, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and cancer. These same potential benefits for humans can also be essential for your pets.

Studies have shown that C60 can fight influenza and delay the aging process. This is especially important for fighting the aches, pains, and discomforts of aging and fighting off viruses in your pets. If you’re a cat lover or a dog lover, C60 may be a game-changer.


What C60 means for your pets

Vitality Pets C60 is specifically crafted to help your pets function at their very best, giving your four-legged friend an increased chance at a long and healthy life. Research in 2012 demonstrated that C60 was not only non-toxic to rats, but it almost doubled their lifespan. This powerful antioxidant is believed to sponge up toxins and free radicals, enabling the rats to enjoy lives far freer from the onset of early effects of aging than they would traditionally experience without C60.


C60 and fatigue

Pets encounter skeletal muscle fatigue, much like humans do. This can happen due to high amounts of oxidative stress which can damage your pet’s ability to function at their best. With its powerful antioxidant effects, C60 can help reverse the effects of skeletal muscle fatigue and give your pet back their youthful energy.


Help your pet heal after injury

C60 can help your dog, horse, or cat heal after an injury. Pet owners looking for a way to nurse a fur baby back to health should consider using C60. Its powerful anti-inflammatory effects can speed up the healing process of your pet’s injury by decreasing inflammation and increasing mobility. Increased mobility is linked with higher blood flow to an injured area, which promotes healing and tissue repair.


How to administer C60 to pets

C60 is easy to administer to pets; however, it’s necessary to ensure that you buy your C60 from a trusted supplier. Look for a supplier with a transparent laboratory process that works to educate the public on the many benefits and applications of C60.

C60 is most bioavailable when dissolved in another oil, especially olive oil. Use an olive oil brand your pet enjoys and mix the C60 into the oil. Next, pour the oil over your pet’s food. Supply your pet with high-quality C60 daily and soon the differences C60 makes in your pet’s life will be clear.


Final thoughts

Your fur baby is an important member of your family and giving them the best chance at a long and healthy life is an incredible gift. If you have any questions regarding Vitality C60 and the many benefits it can provide your four-legged friend, contact Vitality at 1 (800) 377-6898 and ask us about Carbon 60 for pets today.