Allure Imports has teamed up with a Professional Laboratory that has been experimenting with C60 for over a decade.

They developed a spray on photo-voltaic that used C60 as a conductivity enhancement to allow electron cascading from Quantum Dots after Photon collisions. They encountered numerous problems with this “Active Layer” where the undissolved C60 would flocculate (clump together) and cause short circuits in the cell. After many months of trials, they invented a dispersion technique that would evenly suspend the undissolved C60 molecules in a perpetual colloidal solution where the C60 molecules were given a LIKE charge causing them to repel each other while in suspension.

This technique is being utilized in the production of Vitality C60 product to ensure the highest possible concentration available today.

Most Companies do not disclose evidence of their manufacturing facilities whereas we have posted images of our partners Laboratory.

Most Companies utilize primitive mixing methods using magnetic stirrers. Oxidation of oil and C60 occurs when the vortex generated by a magnetic stirrer inducts air into the solution, 2 weeks of stirring produces considerable oxidation, not to mention atmospheric contaminants being drawn in.