C60 Works On:

C60 Fullerenes are classical engineered materials that assist  men and women at all stages of life and all levels of health. One of the biologically most relevant features of C60 is the ability to quench various free radicals, behaving as a “free radical Black Hole” or simply put, C60 clears away obstructions caused by free radicals, allowing the body’s natural immune system  to work to strengthen and repair.



C60 inhibits pain and fatigue. When consumed prior to high-energy sports activities, C60 reduces soreness and aches. If taken immediately after strenuous activity, C60 goes to work to shorten recovery time for muscles to repair. “see study skeletal muscle fatigue”


Pets are positively impacted by C60. Horses and dogs given C60 gain mobility and their zest for life. C60 supports and promotes long-term joint health, and more.



Telomeres – wrap the ends of your chromosomes and keep them stable. Telomere length is directly related to life span. Scientific research has shown that oxidative stress is a significant cause of telomere shortening – the main cause of aging. C60 reduces oxidative radicals. The reduction in oxidative radicals (ROS) may be responsible for the significantly increased life spans and vigor in test animals.


Health Benefits:

  • Stops inflammation in joints and spine
  • Balances and sustains energy all day
  • Stronger immune resistance to viral and bacterial invasions
  • Protects nerves, supports emotional balance
  • Brings mental clarity, lifts brain fog, maintains focus
  • Improves attitude and motivation
  • Builds stronger bones
  • Strengthens digestion and food-to-energy conversion
  • Increases endurance and muscle strength (Lift heavier weights, faster running/cycling times)
  • Train harder and recover faster (C60 is approved for use by National Collegiate Athletic Association)
  • Increases libido
  • Topically, makes your skin softer, more supple, age spots fade, wounds and sores heal faster, wrinkles appear less pronounced – more youthful appearance