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The Amazing Benefits of Topically Applied C60 Oil

Have you tried countless cleansers, creams, topical ointments, and natural remedies in hopes of solving your skin irritations only to be disappointed with the lack of results? You’re not the only one. One of the most common skin ailments, acne, affects over 50 million North Americans annually, with 85% of the population aged 12-25 experiencing at least a mild form of acne. Topical cream treatments are not cheap, and the cost of trial and error to find the one that works best for you can be an expensive journey. There has never been a one-size-fits-all remedy for skin, until now. C60, also known as Fullerene, has surfaced within the beauty industry as the secret to healthy, youthful looking skin. But acne isn’t the only thing that C60 oil can improve!


Here are some of the many benefits of topically applying C60 oil to your skin:


1. Promotes Hair Growth

C60 has been found to be a strong remedy in combatting the common condition of hair loss. According to researchers, applying C60 oil topically to your scalp on a daily basis increased hair growth by up to 16% in 6 months. Scientific studies have proven that C60 is effective in combatting hair loss due to its ability to protect the cells around the hair follicles. This protective layer prevents the hair follicle from being exposed to the air and allows it to be relieved of oxidative stress, a key factor in common symptoms of ageing.


2. Wrinkle Reduction

Many studies have been conducted to compare topically applied C60 oil with standard drug store wrinkle products and have found astonishing results. In every study, the C60 oil was found to be more effective than its competitor in reducing the signs of wrinkles in the skin of the subjects. Due to C60 oil being an entirely naturally derived product, C60 causes no dangerous or unwanted side effects to those who use it.


3. Anti-ageing

Commonly, the ageing of the skin is caused by an individual’s long-term exposure to the sun, the natural elements, and to the air. C60 provides a protective layer to the skin when applied topically, and prevents exposure to oxidative stress while also preventing UV rays from penetrating the surface of the skin. In addition, C60 maintains the proper hydration level within the skin to keep skin supple and firm.


4. Acne Remedy

C60 oil has proven to be one of the most effective acne treatments on the planet without the dangerous side effects of bleaching, irritation, dryness, and scarring that many other treatments commonly cause. When applied topically to acne lesions on the skin, C60 reduced the size and amount of acne lesions by almost 90% in only 8 weeks. C60 is able to combat acne by reducing the amount of sebum oil in your skin that is known to clog pores





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