Highest Concentration of Carbon 60 on the market.Vitality C60 Simply the Best !!!

Your search for the fountain of youth is finally over – scientists have discovered a new ground- breaking compound named C60 that has the ability to reverse the signs of ageing, oxidization, and regenerate health within the body. C60 is a molecule that is composed of 60 Carbon atoms that together create a powerful antioxidant with the ability to remove damaging toxins and increase longevity.

Being only discovered a few decades ago, scientists are now just beginning to scratch the surface of the truly impressive abilities of C60. In this short time, it has already been found to aid in the prevention of inflammation, protection against viruses, protection against sun damage, and increases longevity. Its sphere-shaped structure gives C60 its strength, which gives it the ability to protect against the free radicals responsible for causing oxidative stress to your body and lead to further signs of ageing.

There has never been a more effective anti-ageing treatment than C60. We at Vitality offer C60 oil for ease in application or consumption for our customers. Take control of your health and boost your longevity by trying our C60 oil today.

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Increases Longevity

C60 Olive Oil has the ability to increase longevity and prevent the dying of nerve cells. Through these effects, rats that participated in the study lived to almost double their natural lifespan.


Fights Inflammation

Another noteworthy benefit of C60 oil is its ability to prevent inflammation, making it a powerful potential aide for those suffering from arthritis or joint-related pain.


Super Antioxidant

C60 is an antioxidant more than 170 times stronger than Vitamin C. Super antioxidant for increased health, longevity, stronger immunity, increased muscle strength/endurance, mental clarity and improves attitude. By helping your system rid itself of free radicals, it both energizes and purifies the body, contributing to better health and a longer lifespan

Why Ours is Better?


Vitality C60 concentration 4-8x greater. It has 220 to 440mg of carbon 60 in the product. Others are less then 100 mg of carbon 60 in the product.
Processed in an inert non oxygen atmosphere to prevent oxidation Stirred for 2 weeks in open air environment inducting air & dust into the mixture
Packaged in airless bottle to prevent oxidation & degradation over time Packaged in glass bottle, oxidation & degradation hazard
Airless bottle is an ultra-convenient delivery system, just squirt directly in mouth (metered dose) Dosing is messy experience with droppers and spoons


How It's Made

  • We disperse Carbon 60 molecules into organic oil under inert gas protection to the saturation rate of 8.8 mg of C60 per 1.0 ml of Oil
  • We allow it to settle and filter any aggregates or impurities
  • We pack the product in airless pumps that protect it from light and oxidation
  • The pump delivers 2 mg per dose. We recommend taking 1 mg per day per 30 lbs of body weight every day.
  • We use C60 packed in argon. We open C60 bottles in an inert atmosphere (Nitrogen Blanket) within a glove box then we perform total dispersion within the Nitrogen atmosphere
  • The filling machine is loaded with unadulterated unoxidized solution and product is injected into airless pump bottles that prolong shelf life and keep product pristine until it is pumped into your mouth

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