How it Works?

Free radicals are constantly being formed during metabolism. Without antioxidants, they would destroy our bodies very quickly.

When the free radicals (pro-oxidants) outnumber the antioxidants, this can lead to a state called oxidative stress. During oxidative stress, important molecules in the body can become severely damaged… sometimes even leading to cell death.

This is where C60 as a super antioxidant comes in…

If a molecule in a cell loses an electron and turns into a free radical, the C60 antioxidant molecule steps in and “gives” the free radical an electron, effectively neutralizing it.

The Carbon 60 molecule in Vitality C60 helps your cells remove toxins and free radicals, allowing them to return to health quickly and naturally. C60 is 1000’s of ¬†times more effective against oxidative radicals than Vitamin C. C60 has also been found to be highly protective against radiation.




C60 stays in your body for about 10 days, acting more like a catalytic surface that resets itself repeatedly, rather than a typical anti-oxidant. It is a selective anti-oxidant, that reacts only with high energy oxidative radicals and does not make permanent chemical bonds in your body.

Rejuvenation technology advance in the form of Carbon 60, an amazing molecule that protects your cells from ROS, the reactive oxygen species responsible for oxidative stress.

The C60 molecule consists of sixty carbon atoms linked together into the shape of a tiny soccer ball. Numerous scientific studies are confirming that C60 has positive health effects (animals and plants). Our own direct personal experience confirms the results of the studies.