3 Health & Wellness Apps That Help You Digitally Detox
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3 Health & Wellness Apps That Help You Digitally Detox

Living during the Digital Age has numerous benefits, from increased access to information to connecting with friends and family across the globe. However, too much time spent on technology like computers and smartphones can harm your physical and mental wellbeing, including increased stress, poor sleep quality, and reduced exercise.

Digitally detoxing is an excellent way to enhance your health and wellbeing and find a balance between your tech use and other aspects of your life. But a digital detox doesn’t mean unplugging completely. Discover three apps to help you manage your tech usage for a happier, healthier lifestyle.


1.      OFFTIME

OFFTIME aims to eliminate digital distractions so you can get more enjoyment out of life. The app allows you to block certain apps, programs, and incoming calls for a set time of day.

You can schedule the same block of time each day or manually switch your phone to OFFTIME when out with friends and family. The call-blocking feature also allows you to pick who you can receive calls from during your OFFTIME, so your partner, kids, or close friends can still reach you.


2.      Opal

Like many digital detox apps, Opal works by limiting your access to distracting apps and constant notifications. However, one of the biggest benefits to Opal is that you can make your scheduled downtime impossible to bypass, ideal for chronic procrastinators and those who struggle to resist the lure of social media.

Opal also has a calendar function that allows you to set schedules and reminders for work, sleep, and routines like taking wellness supplements or exercising. It also works across all your devices, so you can stay focused no matter which screen you are using.


3.      Phoneless

If you spend endless hours on your smartphone and need a little extra incentive to put down your device, try Phoneless. This gamified app is ideal for people who thrive on competition.

The app challenges you to put down your phone for a set time. If you fail the digital detox challenge, the app notifies a select group of your friends and family to hold you accountable. Phoneless also allows you to track your app usage and provides data on how you use your phone time. You can also set time limits for certain apps, and a notification pops up when you have reached the end of your screen time.


Digitally Detox to Improve Your Wellbeing

Constant access to the internet, social media, and gaming apps increase distractions and diminishes your quality of life. Stay mindful and present with a digital detox app to limit your tech exposure and support your mind and body.

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