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5 Ways to Increase Your Longevity

It is predicted that by the year 2031 there will be approximately 14,000 centenarians living in Canada. Previously in 2006, there were just under 5,000 people living in Canada that were over the age of 100, meaning we’ve had over a 20% increase in our longevity! This number is only expected to continue to rise, which has raised question across the nation of “what can I do to make it to 100?” The truth is, there is no secret formula that guarantees you’ll make it into the century club, but here are 15 things that you can do to at least increase your longevity.


  1. Get Outside


It is estimated that about 50% of adults are deficient in vitamin D because we don’t spend enough time outdoors. Vitamin D is essential to a long and healthy life, and by going outside for only 15 minutes a day you can bring your levels up to a healthy amount. Spending time in the fresh air has many benefits outside of just increasing your vitamin D, it can also boost your mood, improve your sleep, and improve your overall outlook. (not to mention it’s free!)


  1. Eat Well


You’ve heard it a million times but a statement could not be truer – you are what you eat! It’s a well-known saying for a reason. Think of your body as your temple – fill it with foods that will satisfy your hunger while also feeding its nutritional needs. Eating 10 portions of vegetables and fruits are a great place to start (try adding more colours to your plate to increase the nutritional value!), in addition to cutting back on sugar and sodium.


  1. Exercise


Keeping active on a regular basis keeps your body and its immune system strong by letting your body sweat out the toxins you’ve ingested throughout the day. It helps release stress, boosts your metabolism, and releases adrenaline and dopamine which has a positive impact on your mood.


  1. Challenge Your Brain


Exercise doesn’t just mean physical. To improve your longevity it’s also important to exercise your brain on a daily basis. You can do this by completing puzzles, crosswords, sudokus, or by learning a new language or skill! Anything and everything that will keep your mind working and engaged.


  1. Destress


Stress has been labelled as the main culprit of small and large health conditions from heart disease to cancer. By learning new methods that you can use to combat your stress on a daily basis you help prevent a long list of nasty diseases. There are countless methods you can try, but a couple we use are meditation and breathing techniques.

If you can do these 5 things you are already on your way to increase your life expectancy. Your body is an amazing thing and will be able to carry you further if you treat it properly!





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