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4 Tips to Using Carbon 60 for Your Joint Health

Carbon 60, or C60, might just be the next step in your fitness, health, and wellness journey. Recent studies suggest that Carbon 60 may boost your joint health and act as a potent anti-inflammatory agent. C60 can reduce joint pain, improve muscle fatigue, and reduce arthritis symptoms.


  1. Use C60 to help skeletal muscle fatigue

Your skeletal muscles are responsible for supporting your joints throughout your daily activities. Skeletal muscle fatigue may be caused by excessive oxidative stress on the musculoskeletal system. C60 is a powerful antioxidant, which may help to promote strong joint support.


  1. C60: a powerful anti-inflammatory

A recent study demonstrated that C60 has potent anti-inflammatory properties, particularly when it comes to pain related to arthritis. If you have arthritis and feel discomfort or aches in your joints regularly, consider using C60 to mitigate arthritis-related pain and inflammation. Chronic inflammation due to injuries and autoimmune diseases may also benefit from C60 therapy.


  1. Improve the longevity of your joints

In clinical trials, repeated exposure to C60 almost doubled rats’ life expectancy, acting as a free radical and toxin sponge and improving the longevity of their joints. Because of the results of these studies, scientists are optimistic that C60 may be a viable treatment for overall health and wellness and delay the onset of wear and tear in the joints associated with aging.


  1. Take your C60 in a bioavailable form

To enjoy all of the benefits of C60, ingest it in a bioavailable form. Studies have found that the best way to take C60 is through infused olive oil to ensure it targets the digestive tract quicker. The gut biome is one of the most critical areas of the body for absorbing the antioxidant properties of Carbon 60.



Final thoughts

Much research is needed to confirm the role of C60 in human wellness and fitness. However, the research that does exist is promising and points to C60 as a non-toxic and powerful antioxidant. Contact Vitality C60 today to begin your journey to optimal wellness by calling at 1-866-595-6497, emailing at, or filling out the online contact form.





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