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Why Carbon 60 is Perfect for the Athlete in Your Family

Carbon 60 might be new in the world of scientific inquiry, but researchers have already found that it boasts a plethora of potential health benefits. From reducing inflammation to protecting against muscle damage associated with age, Carbon 60 might be perfect for the athlete in your family.


What is Carbon 60?

Carbon 60 is also known as C60, buckminsterfullerene, and buckyball. It’s a small, spherical molecule made out of 60 carbon atoms. Only discovered in 1985, the C60 molecule is still being tested for potential health benefits along with many other fullerenes. However, early testing indicates that C60 and other fullerenes have therapeutic properties that can be beneficial in chemical medicine.


Reducing inflammation

The wave of recent research suggests that C60 possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties. By reducing inflammation, C60 can help mitigate pain, support recovery, and improve joint function for athletes. Inflammation is frequently associated with stress and fatigue. Vitality C60 can help athletes manage pain, reduce or eliminate inflammation, and improve performance.


Improved sleep and recovery

As the strongest form of C60 on the market, Vitality C60 may prove instrumental in helping athletes improve their rest and recovery. For athletes, quality of sleep often translates to the quality of their recovery and performance. Adequate recovery is key to improving fitness levels.


Combating age and overuse

Regardless of an athlete’s age, C60 is a powerful antioxidant for every stage of active life. Vitality C60 may help sponge up free radicals and slow the aging process, thereby enabling athletes to perform at higher levels for longer.



Final thoughts

While the science is still in its infancy, research on C60 is promising. As the most potent form of C60 available on the market, Vitality C60 may prove instrumental to the performance of your family’s athlete. Contact us at 1-866-595-6497 to begin your wellness journey.






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