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Can Taking C60 Infused Olive Oil Increase Your Lifespan?

C60, also known as Buckminster fullerene, is a sphere-shaped carbon molecule that was discovered in the 1980’s. This special molecule contains 60 carbon atoms, and researchers have found that it is entirely non-toxic and possesses many amazing properties. C60 molecules have been found to be superconducting and are able to be created into single molecule transistors, but their properties don’t just stop at the industrial standpoint – C60 has also been found to have impressive health benefits.


Why do we age?


Scientists believe that aging process occurs simultaneously as the cells in our bodies become more and more damaged until they ultimately fail. The irony is that the majority of this damage inside the cell is caused by the same thing that also keeps us alive – the processing of oxygen. When your body processes oxygen, damaging byproducts are created that are called free radicals, which damage cells, proteins and DNA upon contact. Antioxidants are what your body uses to neutralize these dangerous free radicals, but unfortunately it is impossible for the body to generate antioxidants on its own – they must come from an outside source.


How does C60 help increase lifespan?


Carbon 60 has been found to be an extraordinarily potent antioxidant, even more powerful than vitamin C, that has the ability to cross through the cell membrane. This is a game changer for longevity, as these properties allow the carbon 60 molecule to trap and dispose of the damaging free radicals within the human body because of their unique sphere-shape. The effect of C60 on lifespan is claimed to be due to its cellular antioxidant behaviour.


Scientific studies were conducted in 2012 in which they claimed that regularly administered C60 oil expanded the lifespan of rats by a shocking 90%. After the study was completed, the average survival of the rats who were administered C60 was 42 months, with the rats who were only administered water lived 22 months and those who were administered olive oil lived 26 months. The most impressive finding to note was the longest living rat in the experiment survived at the age of 66 months, which is more than double the average lifespan of a rat and is possibly the longest living rat recorded in any scientific experiment.



Does C60 Expand the Lifespan of Humans?


Though there has been no scientific study conducted on the effect C60 has on the human lifespan, studies have shown its impressive health benefits, including:


  • Prevents & fights inflammation
  • Balances & sustains energy
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Lifts brain fog & improves cognitive function
  • Prevents tumour growth
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Eradicates bacteria & viruses
  • Reduce skeletal muscle fatigue


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