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3 Ways to Use Carbon 60 in Your Daily Routine

Carbon 60 is the most powerful antioxidant known to man. It remains in the body for about ten days, continuously resetting itself and sponging up toxins and free radicals.

With its age-defying, cancer-fighting, and pain-busting powers, you don’t want to miss out on getting your daily dose. Here are just a few ways you can use it in your daily routine.



Our performance laboratory formulation of Carbon 60, also known as buckyballs or C60, is the strongest available on the market to date. Our formula to help you figure out your optimal daily dose is 1 mg per 30 lbs of body weight, and our specially designed bottle distributes 2 mg per full pump.


Olive oil and bread

The best way to ingest Carbon 60 is by dissolving it in a carrier oil. This makes it easy for your body to absorb C60 and put it to good use. Mix the olive oil and the C60, spread it over your favorite bakery-made bread, and top it off with herbs for an incredible twist on a Mediterranean classic.


Supercharged smoothies

Supercharge your morning smoothies by dissolving your dose of Carbon 60 in organic virgin coconut oil. Mix the oil fusion in with your fruit-and-vegetable smoothie for the ultimate morning pick-me-up. Carbon 60 can help you beat fatigue and combat muscle soreness. Mixed with the goodness of fruit and vegetables, you will be set up for a wonderful day.


Coffee + coconut oil + C60

Coconut oil in coffee is trending, and for a good reason: it gives your morning coffee a light, frothy taste while also boosting your intake of healthy fats. To improve your mental focus, dissolve your dose of C60 in your coconut oil.


Final thoughts

Carbon 60 is easy to fit into your day. Whether it’s on your toast, in your smoothie, or your coffee, you can enjoy the health-promoting and longevity-boosting antioxidant today. If you have any questions or wish to order your next dose of Carbon 60, contact Vitality at 1-866-595-6497.



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