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How Carbon 60 for Horses Can Help Heal Injuries Quicker

For many horse owners, horse health can be challenging, whether it is the heat and bugs in the summer, hind-leg lameness, or stress behaviors like weaving and cribbing, some horses struggle to focus and use their full physical abilities. Fortunately, Carbon 60 can boost your horse’s health and focus with just a simple daily dose of Vitality C60 for pets.


The magic of Carbon 60

As the most powerful antioxidant known to man, Carbon 60 or C60 remains in the body for about ten days, continually resetting itself and absorbing vast amounts of toxins and free radicals. It prevents oxidation and damage at the cellular level, allowing your horse’s body to repair itself at a markedly increased rate.


Horses, lameness, and C60

Horses are notorious for struggling with leg and hoof problems, especially in the winter. C60 can help by circumventing the effects of oxidative stress. C60 helps to prevent or quickly cure lameness, sores, and other hoof and leg problems.


Strains, sprains, and skeletal muscle fatigue

Skeletal muscle fatigue due to oxidative stress can drastically slow your horse’s healing timeframe. Instead of being able to focus all available resources on speedy healing, your horse’s body has to fight cell and joint damage due to oxidative stress. Fortunately, C60 helps repair muscles, bones, and joints, while also protecting them from the strain of battling toxins and free radicals on their own.


Reduce inflammation

C60 helps to reduce inflammation, which speeds up healing and prevents unnecessary pain or stiffness. This can help get your horse healthy and ready for riding sooner.


Get Vitality C60 for Pets today

If you feel that your horse could benefit from the amazing effects of our maximum-strength Vitality C60 for Pets, contact us today at 1-866-595-6497.





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