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The Role of C60 in Erectile Dysfunction

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) are unable to maintain an erection throughout intercourse. Older men are most commonly affected by ED, and ED can be a warning sign of other diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and atherosclerosis.


Causes of ED

ED is characterized by routine troubles with sex. You may be suffering from ED because of stress, emotional distress, or restricted blood flow to your penis. Oxidative stress, especially diabetes-induced, is one of the main causes of ED.


Oxidative stress is an excess of reactive oxygen species so that your body cannot keep up with the detoxification process. This damages your cell tissues and creates a domino effect by forming more free radicals.


Treat the Underlying Causes of ED

You may be able to improve your ED by treating the underlying health issues that have resulted in the condition.


  • Reduce oxidative stress

C60 acts as an antioxidant to soak up free radicals. C60 can work with your body’s natural detoxification processes to disarm and repair damaging oxidative stress.


  • Boost your mood

Depression and stress-induced ED is common. C60 can provide a sense of calm by removing the free radicals that could be blocking mood-leveling hormone production.


  • Reduce inflammation

Inflammation can reduce blood flow to your penis, resulting in ED. C60 has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can improve your blood flow.


  • Feel younger

ED is a common symptom of age, so the anti-aging properties of C60 can help you feel younger. Free radicals inhibit cell regeneration and repair, making it harder for your body to stay healthy. C60 neutralizes free radicals so your body can better care for itself.


Introduce C60 to Your Diet

If you’re one of 300 million men suffering from ED, take the steps now to address the underlying issues and return to normalcy. C60 in olive oil from Allure Imports can help restore your health and vigor.






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