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C60 Reduce Joint Inflammation

Have you been looking for a natural inflammation or pain treatment alternative? You may have come across C60, fullerene, or buckyball. Although they have different names, they are all the same compound – Carbon 60 – and share the same healing powers.

Carbon 60 is a naturally occurring compound. However, most supplements on the market today are manufactured by some of the world’s leading scientists to perfectly mirror the natural variant’s molecular makeup.

Known as one of the strongest, and purest antioxidants available, Carbon 60 can reduce joint inflammation while increasing your quality of life overall.


C60 fights inflammation

C60’s unique structure allows it to act as a free radical sponge, attracting and preventing the free radicals from destroying your cells and causing oxidative stress within your body.

One study gave rats and human cell cultures with arthritis a dose of C60. This singular dose greatly improved joint health while suppressing both joint and bone inflammation.

The researchers also noted that the C60 protected cartilage, increased bone mineral density, prevent cartilage cells from aging prematurely or dying, increased cartilage production at a cell level, and reduced the number of harmful enzymes that would destroy cartilage.

C60 has also been reported to rebalance the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell), resulting in a stronger immune system and decreased inflammation in bone and joint tissues.

Overall, C60 corrects cellular functions, resulting in less inflammation throughout the body, effectively reversing symptoms of arthritis and improving the quality of life.


The takeaway

Vitality’s C60 rejuvenation booster, an olive-oil solution supplemented with the most potent levels of C60 powder provides a natural pain management solution.

Take the olive oil mixture directly from the spoon, or add it to some of your favorite recipes to support your body’s regeneration and suppress joint inflammation for more freedom of mobility.





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