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Should You Take C60 with Food?

C60 in olive oil comes with a host of health benefits related to the free radical neutralizing effects of the carbon 60 molecule. It’s a good idea to take C60 every morning with your breakfast.


C60 with Food

Allure C60 products come in pure, organic olive oil. The antioxidant properties of olive oil work in tandem with the free radical and inflammation-fighting properties of C60.

Ingesting a spoonful of oil on its own can cause some GI distress if you’re not used to it, so it can be helpful to enjoy your C60 with a meal.


C60 in Your Diet

C60 in olive oil fits into any diet from low-carb to vegan. C60 has been known to improve metabolic syndrome, so including C60 into a healthful diet can help you lose weight and stay in shape.

You can enhance the antioxidant powers of carbon 60 by taking it with fibrous food like apples. Your body produces hydrogen gas when it breaks down fiber. Hydrogen gas is a signaling molecule that acts as an antioxidant.


Make it a Routine

You’ll get the best results from using C60 consistently. When you incorporate C60 into your daily routine, you’ll have an easy time remembering to take the C60 product.

Taking C60 every morning with breakfast is a great way to start your day off right.


C60 Dosage

We recommend using your weight to determine your C60 dosage. Our C60 in olive oil products are packaged in airtight bottles with easy distribution pumps. Simply pump the right dose into your mouth or a spoon to ingest the product.


Store your C60

Keep your C60 product where it’s easily accessed and where you’ll remember to take it every day. It can be safely stored at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.


The Take-home Message

The health benefits of C60 do not change depending on if you take the product with food or by itself, but we recommend taking your C60 with a meal so you remember to dose yourself each morning.

High-quality C60 in olive oil from Allure Imports is a great way to start your day.






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