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The Benefits of Taking a C60 Supplement

It is common knowledge that carbon is the building block of life. With the discovery of C60, also known as buckminsterfullerenes or buckyballs, people began to notice this fantastic carbon molecule and what it can do for your health.

C60 is an antioxidant made up of 60 carbon molecules. It looks a little like a geodesic dome or a soccer ball.

The publication of the now-famous Baati’s rat study in 2012 led to even more attention as this study showed rats whose lifespans doubled after the oral ingestion of C60 and olive oil.

With such strong evidence on the benefits of C60, people have incorporated it into the wellness routines with outstanding results. Here are some of the ways that C60 supplements can help you live a longer, healthier life.


Free Radical Scavenging

One of the internal machinations that lead to external signs of aging is oxidative stress. When molecules in the body have an imbalanced number of electrons, they bang around, looking for more electrons to balance them.

This reckless searching for extra electrons causes damage on a cellular and genetic level. It leads to external symptoms of aging like wrinkles and sagging skin. What buckyballs do to help assuage oxidative stress is to provide an extra electron to those molecules searching for one.



C60 is an excellent way to decrease inflammation in the body, leading to pain and other age-related ailments like arthritis.

With osteoarthritis, the joints lose the fluid that keeps them cushioned, and moving becomes much more painful due to bone-on-bone contact. In response to this pain, the body reacts with an inflammatory response, which can cause even more oxidative stress and damage.

C60 helps diminish this oxidative stress by stabilizing the free radicals that the reaction produces.


In Conclusion

Buckyballs are known as “free radical sponges” because they have ample electrons to stabilize free radicals and help your body avoid undue amounts of oxidative stress.

People have become more interested in these advantageous molecules in the past few decades. C60 can help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, helping you feel younger and healthier.






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