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Minimize Arthritis Pain with Carbon 60

The discovery of the buckminsterfullerene or C60, a particle made of 60 carbon molecules, turned the natural health world on its head. Often lauded as a free radical sponge, this impressive molecule is a potent antioxidant and can help alleviate excessive joint pain.

Dr. Baati’s rat study of 2012 showed that C60 could elongate the rats’ lives and even help them grow hair. With its formidable anti-inflammatory properties, C60 is also a fantastic help for arthritis and joint pain.


C60 as Antioxidant

Your body ages more quickly when it is a victim of oxidative stress. Oxygen molecules in the body sometimes become free radicals due to various reasons like stress, lifestyle choices, or environmental factors.

A free radical is a molecule that does not have a balance of electrons. These free radicals slam around the body, looking for an extra electron to stabilize them. When they find that extra electron, they stop inflicting damage on the body on a cellular level.

Oxidative damage is responsible for many visible and invisible signs of aging. C60 can receive and give electrons, without degrading itself, so it lasts longer in the body than many other antioxidants.


C60 as Anti-Inflammatory

Along with being an extraordinary antioxidant, C60 has incredible anti-inflammatory properties that can help assuage arthritis and joint pain.

In osteoarthritis, discomfort is caused by the lack of fluid between the joints, so that, when you move, the bones move painfully against one another. To heal the bone-on-bone damage, the immune system unleashes its inflammatory response. Unfortunately, it is precisely the immune system’s response that can lead to the creation of more free radicals and oxidative stress.

One of the ways in which C60 helps with the pain and inflammation associated with aging joints and osteoarthritis is by eliminating the free radicals so that the body can heal before an inflammatory response begins.


In Conclusion

If you are turning away from invasive procedures and pharmaceuticals, which carry the risk for addiction and side effects, then Carbon 60 may be just the thing for which you’re looking.

C60’s first-rate antioxidant and anti-inflammatory features help reduce oxidative stress in the body, which can, in turn, diminish joint pain from osteoarthritis. The buckyball is a stunning discovery that deserves our utmost attention. See what C60 can do for you.






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