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How Carbon 60 Can Protect Your Hair This Summer

Left unchecked, the UV light from the sun can cause hair damage during the summer months. Carbon-60 has been found to promote hair growth and healthy cell regeneration, leading many people to turn to this new product for sun protection.


Summer Damage to Hair

Your hair consists of nonliving cells. The good news is that sun exposure won’t cause cancerous cells to form.

However, UV light will damage your hair lipids, the oils that your scalp produces to keep the moisture in your hair. Color-treated or chlorine-damaged hair is especially susceptible to becoming too dry and consequently frizzy and brittle.

UV radiation also damages disulfide bonds, which are protein links responsible for maintaining the structure of your hair shaft by creating elasticity.


About Carbon-60

C60 molecules are constituted from 60 carbon atoms arranged in a hollow, nearly spherical shape called a carbon cage or truncated icosahedron. It is the structure of the molecule that gives C60 its resistance to radiation, chemical corrosion, and breaking under high pressure.

C60’s hollow interior can also serve as a carrier for metals and other substances, as it is small enough to move through cell membranes.


Carbon-60 Benefits for Hair

C60 has long-lasting antioxidative effects that stem from its ability to scavenge reactive oxygen. Antioxidants promote hair elasticity by protecting the collagen in hair follicles and the scalp cells, thereby promoting healthy hair growth.

Free radicals are also known to be induced by UV radiation and responsible for general cell damage. C60 works to rid the body of obstructions caused by free radicals so the immune system can get back to work repairing and replacing cells.



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