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Why C60 is the New Holistic Health Miracle

C60, also referred to as fullerene or buck balls, is one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet. After countless scientific studies, it has been found to be the key to vitality and longevity amongst people across the world. Those who have used C60 noticed an improvement in things such as energy, quality of sleep, pain relief, and appearance.



What is C60?

 C60 is a molecule comprised of 60 carbon molecules formed together into a sphere shaped figure also known as a “carbon cage”. To create this round shape, the molecules are attached in both hexagon and pentagon formations, giving the molecule incredible strength. Because of its amazing structural composition, C60 also has other capabilities such as resistance to radiation, chemical corrosion, and resistance to breakage even under extremely high pressure.


C60 and Holistic Healthcare 

C60 has the ability to help people in an incredible amount of ways and can be applied either topically or consumed through the mouth, but for it to be able to be absorbed properly, it has to be entirely dissolved into another substance. Unfortunately, this compound is unable to dissolve in water, but scientists have found that it does have the capability to dissolve completely into olive oil.


A Super Supplement

Combining both olive oil and C60 together make it into the super supplement of the century, which is measurably more effective as an antioxidant than vitamin C and vitamin E.


In addition, it also protects the body from something called “oxidative stress.” Oxidative stress occurs when free radicals cause damage to the cells and tissues within your body leading to the increased rate of ageing and deterioration of health. C60 stops free radicals from causing damage to your body by attaching to them, and once they are bound together, neutralize them so that they do not react with the other cells in your body. After the C60 passes entirely through your system, it brings all of the pollutants, free radicals, and other damaging substances with them to reduce reactions and inflammation.



Quick Facts About C60


  • Helps defeat superoxide’s in the body
  • Increased the lifespan of rats by 90% in recent studies
  • Provides relief from arthritis pain
  • Appears as a promising treatment for cognitive decline and degeneration
  • Reduces inflammation, skin lesions and pimples



Though there is already a long list of benefits to using C60 oil on a daily basis, scientists are only beginning to scratch the surface of its capabilities. Already within only a few decades of its discovery, it has proved to be one of the biggest revolutions in holistic healthcare on a national scale.


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