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Reduce Wrinkles with C60 Oil

Wrinkles are one of the first ways your facial skin shows signs of aging. This process can be exacerbated by sun damage and environmental pollutants. Carbon-60 is known to be an effective antioxidant and free radical fighter, which can work against the aging process.


Causes of Wrinkles

As you age, your skin becomes less elastic and more fragile, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles, especially surrounding your eyes and mouth. UV radiation, dryness, and unhealthy habits like smoking can also reduce the elasticity in your skin and hinder healthy cell regeneration.

UV radiation and pollution can remove an electron from healthy molecules, making them unstable. These free radicals, responsible for oxidative stress, speed up the appearance of aging by attaching to neighboring molecules and causing a buildup of these chains.


Reducing Oxidative Stress With C60

Under the right circumstances, C60 molecules will release electrons; C60 can also be oxidized, or take on extra electrons. This makes them ready reactors with free radicals; C60 can accept or release electrons to stabilize free radicals without becoming dangerous molecules themselves.

Because oxidative stress contributes to skin aging, reducing free radical proliferation can help skin look youthful for longer.


Using C60 to Reduce and Prevent Wrinkles

C60 oil can be applied topically to act as a barrier against UV radiation, protecting the skin from sun damage. A topical application also helps keep the skin supple by promoting a proper hydration level.

C60 oil can also be ingested to help keep free radicals under control.


Final Thoughts

C60 is a naturally occurring molecule that can be leveraged for aesthetic and healthful benefits. Topical or oral C60 products can help keep your skin supple and strong by promoting healthy cell regeneration and stabilizing unhealthy molecules.


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