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C60 Common FAQs

There’s a lot of interest surrounding the incredible benefits of C60, which can make it hard to find simple answers to some of the most-asked questions. We’re here to remedy that.


What are the Benefits of C60?

C60 is far and away the most powerful antioxidant we’ve found, meaning it can help your body free itself from oxidative stress and reduce inflammation. C60 can improve your mental and physical wellbeing and help you live a long, healthy life.


When Should I See the Benefits of C60?

Everyone is different, but many people begin to notice results in how their muscles feel within a week. You might be able to see the results on your skin in a month. Meanwhile, C60 will be working behind the scenes to keep you healthy and happy by keeping your cells clean and strong.


How Should I Take C60?

The health benefits of C60 are unchanged regardless of how you choose to enjoy the product, but we recommend ingesting C60 as part of your morning routine. This can help you remember to take your daily dose and start your day off right.


Where do C60’s Nicknames Come From?

C60 molecules are sometimes called “buckyballs” or “fullerenes” for their hollow, rounded structure formed from 60 carbon atoms, which resembled Richard Buckminster Fuller’s architectural structure.

You might also hear C60 referred to as “the fountain of youth” or “free-radical sponge” for C60’s ability to fight free radicals, resulting in minimizing oxidative stress and promoting longevity.


Why C60 in Olive Oil?

C60 is much more easily dissolved in oil than in water, making it practical to serve C60 in a carrier oil. Olive oil is a great partner for C60, as the antioxidative properties in both work to combat free radicals in your body on a high level.

Olive oil is heart-healthy and features a pleasant taste, making it the perfect carrier oil for C60.


Where Can I Find High-Quality C60?

Allure Imports sells third-party tested C60 products for people and pets. Contact us or call (800) 377-6898 to learn more about C60.







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