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C60 Miracle Molecule! C60 Might Double Your Life!

As we age, our body’s ability to efficiently produce and use energy starts to decline. This stems from changes in our metabolism that can cause weight gain and general fatigue.

Many of these changes can be reduced or managed with antioxidants. Of these antioxidants, Carbon 60 is among the most powerful, and can mop up free radicals that interfere with your body’s processes. With a little help from C60, you can improve your energy levels and keep making the most of your career and family life.


The Role of Mitochondria

Almost every type of human cell contains mitochondria, which produce the energy needed to fuel the body’s biochemical processes. They’re an essential part of cell health and maintenance, and some cells even have multiple mitochondria in order to run more effectively.

Mitochondrial processes create free radicals, which are unstable oxygen molecules can bind to other molecules and atoms, keeping them from fulfilling their intended role.

As we age, free radicals build up more, causing oxidative stress that reduces metabolism, increases inflammation, and wears down mitochondria and other parts of cells. Fighting these free radicals is essential to making the most of your youth and fighting the effects of aging long into your golden years.


Carbon 60 and Antioxidants

Antioxidants help fight free radicals by bonding with them, keeping them from bonding with other chemicals the body needs to stay healthy and energetic. Although antioxidants are available in a wide range of forms, some are much stronger and more effective than others.

C60 is easy to take. All our products are sold with the recommended dosages based on body weight, written directly on the container.

This ensures you don’t forget how much to take, and the simple pump mechanism ensures you have precise measurements in each dose.




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