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4 Holistic Treatments to Alleviate Arthritis

Arthritis often seems difficult to treat because of its persistent, nagging pain in your joints. Many older adults live with arthritis, so many assume that it’s an inevitable part of getting older.

You can address much of the pain associated with arthritis by targeting the inflammation and pressure on your joints. Maintaining a good diet and exercise can help, but additional supplements make all the difference when tackling this painful condition.


Hot and Cold Therapy

Heating pads and hot showers are a simple way to ease arthritis stiffness and discomfort. Depending the exact location and extent of your arthritis pain, an ice pack wrapped in a towel may help reduce inflammation in joints as well. Try both hot and cold therapy to determine the best option for you.


Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment that involves inserting thin needles at precise locations in the skin to target specific muscles and joints. Arthritis patients can try this therapy to reduce inflammation and pain.

Acupuncture is still being evaluated for its overall effectiveness, but it is a low-risk treatment that may also help with related aches and pains. Visit a licensed acupuncture therapist and ask about potential strategies for addressing arthritis pain.


Yoga Classes

Low-intensity exercise is vital to your overall health, but yoga is especially promising. Yoga combines slow, relaxing core exercises into a routine that you can do in a class or on your own anytime.

Plus, yoga may help reduce your stress levels, which may reduce inflammation. Try a beginner’s yoga class and see if you notice results within a few weeks.


Carbon 60

Carbon 60 (C60) is a molecule that acts as an antioxidant to absorb and help dispose of free radicals inside your body. Since free radicals can interfere with immune system responses and cause joint damage, they are a potential player in many arthritis cases.

You can easily incorporate Carbon 60 into your daily routine with Vitality 60, a form of C60 encapsulated in liposomes and suspended in oil for higher bioavailability. Just one pump per day can help you feel your best while addressing your arthritis symptoms and giving you the power to do more each day.







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