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3 Ways to Boost Productivity When WFH

Many people are working from home these days, and doing this can have some adverse effects on your productivity. You might have young children who constantly demand your attention or be distracted by the laundry piling up.

Whatever the reason for your lack of productivity when working from home, there are plenty of ways to improve your focus and increase your overall work performance. Here, you’ll find three useful tips for how you can do this.


1. Take Daily Doses of Vitality C60

C60 is a natural and potent antioxidant that fights free radical cells in your body, preventing oxidative stress and relieving joint aches and pains.

Taking a small dose of C60 on a regular basis can raise your metabolism and boost your overall energy levels, allowing you to exercise more intensely and at a higher level of performance.

Physical exercise is one of the best ways to promote productivity. It decreases fatigue, lowers your stress levels, and releases endorphins that trigger happiness.

If you take C60 every morning, you’ll feel energized for the day ahead, which improves your overall sleep schedule.


2. Stay Away from Social Media

According to scientific studies, social media is one of the top reasons for decreased productivity during the working day.

Research shows that social media triggers the same part of the brain that gambling or drug-taking does. In other words, social media is highly addictive, and it distracts people from their work, impacting their productivity levels.

Ironically, one way to solve this issue is to download a special app on your phone. These programs block your access to social media during the working day, allowing you to get on with your job without digital distractions.


3. Eat a Heart-Healthy and Energy-Boosting Breakfast

A healthy, balanced breakfast sets you up for the day ahead, providing a sustainable and long-term energy boost that means you avoid mid-afternoon slumps and blood sugar crashes.

If you want to eat carbs for breakfast, make sure you’re opting for whole-wheat, refined options. You can mix these in with healthy fats like peanut butter or nuts, sustainable proteins like milk-based oatmeal and egg-whites, and brightly-colored fruits like blueberries and apples.

You want to eat a breakfast that supports your metabolism and fuels you throughout the day. Try to avoid refined carbs like sugary cereal, white bagels, and chocolate muffins.


The Takeaway

People often find that their productivity drops when they’re working from home, but there are several steps you can take to prevent distractions and fuel your body’s energy levels for the long-haul.






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