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How to Give Your Pet a Health Makeover

As a valued member of your family, your pet deserves the best life possible. Caring for your pet’s health is a top priority, no matter how busy you and your family are.

Bi-annual appointments are an important part of your pet’s overall care, but there are also steps you can take at home. Here are three top tips for giving your pet a health makeover.


Raw Diet

Many families feed their pets processed, canned or dry foods because they are convenient and inexpensive These foods sometimes contain unknown contaminants or low-quality meat and vegetables. Plus, the cooking process sometimes strips the food of nutrients your pets need.

Since wild animals don’t eat cooked foods, it’s more natural to give them raw ingredients. Organ meats, muscle meats, and even ground bone can be appropriate for both cats and dogs when prepared correctly. Ensure that fruits and vegetables are healthy for your pet, as some are bad for cats, dogs, or both.


Dental Care

Your pet’s teeth are essential to their long-term ability to chew and swallow food. Their care needs may increase with age if they lose too many teeth over time, so it’s important to care for them even when they’re still young. Plus, tooth pain can affect your pet’s willingness to eat properly even at a young age.

At a minimum, make sure your dog has either a chew toy or edible treats that are specifically designed for cleaning teeth. You may also need to periodically brush your dog’s teeth if your vet advises you to. There are specialized treats and chews available for cats as well, but if your cat avoids them and doesn’t like having her teeth brushed, you may need to arrange for more frequent cleanings at the vet.


Carbon 60

Antioxidants can also play a role in your pet’s health. Like humans, pets can end up with free radicals that interfere with the body’s ability to efficiently handle all of its processes. This can contribute to aging, allergic reactions, and more.

Carbon 60 is a powerful molecule with antioxidant properties that can help rejuvenate your pet. Vitality C60 delivers this molecule in a highly bioavailable form so your pet can get the most out of every drop. Since it’s delivered in a concentrated form, you can easily dispense it and keep your pet moving without missing out on any fun.




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