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How Does Carbon 60 Impact Cats?

Cats are similar to people on the cellular level, so cats can benefit from Carbon 60 products in many of the same ways that people do. These are just some of the ways carbon 60 can boost your cat’s wellbeing.


Carbon 60 for Arthritic Cats

The incredible anti-inflammatory properties in C60 can reduce the discomfort and reduced mobility that results from osteoarthritic inflammation in the joints. The same properties make C60 helpful for supporting injury recovery in pets.


Obesity Reduction in Pets

Obesity is a leading health risk for pets; who are really only meant to eat one meal a day but are often fed more often. C60 reduces a cat’s susceptibility to metabolic syndrome by preventing the prolific growth of fat cells.


Managing Stress

C60 can have the same calming effects on anxious cats as it does with stressed-out people.


Supporting Coat Health

Supplementing your cat’s diet with C60 encourages the growth of a strong and sleek coat while minimizing shedding. C60 paired with olive oil provides the healthy fats and cellular healing your cat needs to maintain a shiny coat.


How to Dose Your Cat

Our Vitality C60 pet product contains 220 to 440 mg of C60 and uses olive oil as the carrier oil. Most cats like the taste of our product and will lick it up out of a spoon. Some cat owners prefer to pour the dose over their cat’s food, and some even spray the product into their pet’s mouth.


In Sum

Many people have benefited from the healing effects of C60 and want to provide the same restorative benefits to their pets. Vitality C60 for pets is specifically designed with cats and dogs in mind. Browse our blog, explore our products and contact us with any additional questions about how C60 can help your pet.


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