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How Carbon 60 Helps Protect against Viruses

Viral infections have stymied human advancement for millennia, causing massive epidemics that can wipe out entire civilizations. Viruses cause 90 % of all infectious diseases. Viruses can be transmitted directly or indirectly through water droplets or by mosquitos. As humans, we haven’t had many weapons to fight viral infections, until now.


The C60 Molecule

The discovery of the C60 molecule, called Buckminsterfullerene, was a watershed moment in the scientific community. The 60 carbon molecules, fused in a hexagonal or pentagonal configuration that looks like a soccer ball, is the most symmetrical molecule out there.

When given special treatment to capture it in a liquid, like olive oil, or making it water-soluble, scientists could finally see what C60 can do for humans.



C60 is an incredibly powerful antioxidant. It reduces oxidative stress on your body, which is the process that speeds aging.

Oxidative stress is a result of unstable molecules – free radicals – banging around your body in search of an extra electron to stabilize them. C60 has many electrons, making it a more powerful antioxidant than Vitamin C.



It is also an incredible anti-inflammatory, reducing inflammation in your joints by neutralizing free radicals. It balances out your mitochondria, which reduces inflammation in the body overall.

Scientists and medical researchers are now discovering that this fantastic carbon structure may boost immune responses and kill viruses and bacteria.



C60 boosts the production of white blood cells in your body, making you more resistant and resilient to viruses and bacteria. This impressive multitasker also helps inhibit viral infections such as HIV or Hepatitis C.

The Skoltech Center advanced this novel antiviral remedy by discovering how to make C60 soluble in water. This discovery of how to incorporate or encapsulate C60 into liquid is vital because now medical researchers can observe what this uncanny molecule can do for humans.


Final Thoughts

Since the advent of water solubility, scientists can see precisely what medical miracles the buckminsterfullerene can achieve. With products like Vitality C60 available to consumers, it is hopeful that this amazing carbon molecule will be beneficial to all.




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