Vitality C60

Carbon 60 Skin Benefits

Carbon 60 is a potent molecule that acts as an antioxidant, cleaning up toxins and free radicals that float around deep within your body. It’s easy to consume as part of your daily routine, so your body stays in its best possible condition.

Carbon 60 has the potential to kill bacteria, prevent inflammation and prevent UV damage, so it’s essential for your skincare. These benefits help reduce the appearance of aging over time and may even help reduce acne.


What Your Skin Needs

The aging process is complex and can be exacerbated by your body’s natural processes. Your body can end up with rogue molecules known as free radicals, which float around and stick to nutrients and prevent them from going where they need to be.

Antioxidants like C60 can bond with these free radicals and help them leave the body naturally before they can interfere with your cells’ essential tasks. This helps keep your body from wearing itself down while trying to compensate for the free radicals’ interference.

Antioxidants make it possible for your skin to get all the nutrients it needs to stay bright and healthy. It also can boost defenses against UV rays, which can reach your skin and cause damage even if you wear sunscreen.

Plus, C60’s anti-inflammatory and bacteria-fighting properties can help fight many types of acne. This makes it essential for all skin types, even if you already use other products or only have occasional breakouts.


Easy to Take Every Day

Vitality C60 is a specialized form of Carbon 60 encapsulated into liposomes and then dispersed in oil for higher bioavailability. It has a much higher concentration of C60 than its competitors, so it’s an excellent value. It’s perfect for incorporating into your everyday routine, thanks to its metered dose in an airtight bottle. Try it to see how easy it is to use instead of extra skin creams and messy cleansers.




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