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Can C60 Help My Cat Too?

Cats are known for being resilient, but as many cat owners are aware, even their beloved feline friends can suffer from poor health from time to time. C60 is a powerful supplement that offers your pet many health benefits.


Improved Longevity

Studies have shown that the incredible life-extending properties of C60 can also benefit animals. In 2012, a paper was published that demonstrated that rats given C60 had a lifespan up to 90% longer than rats not given the supplement.


Protection Against Osteoarthritis

C60 has also been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory properties. This means the supplement can help to alleviate inflamed joints that cause arthritic pain in your cat. C60 only contribute to cell renewal which can protect your pets against osteoarthritis by preventing joint deterioration.


Reduce the Risk of Obesity

It is estimated that approximately 60% of pet cats worldwide are overweight, which can lead to a host of health problems. Diet-induced obesity in cats is predominantly due to how their body metabolizes glucose. But, recent studies on animal models suggest that C60 can help to restore balance to your cat’s glucose metabolism allowing them to maintain a healthy body weight.


Neutralize Free Radicals

Just as in humans, free radicals can cause oxidative stress in your cat’s body leading to inflammation, illness and speeds up the aging process. The unique charged, spherical structure of C60 allows the molecule to bind to and neutralize free radicals to minimize oxidation and prevent inflammation-induced cellular damage.


Improve Brain Health

Cats often experience anxiety when under stressful situations which can manifest as destructive behavior such as urinating outside the litterbox, destroying furniture, hiding and aggressiveness. C60 can help restore your pet’s good nature by rebalancing their brain chemistry as the particles can cross the blood-brain barrier and ridding the nerve cells of oxidative damage.


The Takeaway

Cat owners who love their pets want only the best for their health. C60 offers many powerful properties that can benefit the health of your cat. At Vitality, our C60 pet supplement is specially formulated for pets. Call us at (800)-377-6898 to find out more about how C60 can improve your cat’s quality of life.






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