Vitality C60

Keeping your Arthritic Dog Moving with Carbon 60

It’s hard when the pets we love, get older and can’t move as they once did. Fortunately, Carbon 60 can help restore your pet to their active, happy selves. As a dog lover, our Carbon 60 for pets lets you take care of your four-legged friend and give you a healthy pup, inside and out.


Carbon 60 and pet joint health

Carbon 60 (also known as C60 for short) has a powerful impact on overall health and longevity. Its antioxidative effects protect the whole body. However, C60 has a particular impact on the health of joints. It can help prevent skeletal muscle fatigue due to oxidative stress, which can support your pet’s joints as they deal with arthritis.


Carbon 60: a powerful anti-inflammatory for your dog

Carbon 60’s powerful anti-inflammatory effects can reduce the swelling and pain in your pet’s joints. Less inflammation can help your pet feel less stiff, which can encourage them to move around more and get some gentle exercise. This exercise combined with the powerful anti-inflammatory and fatigue-fighting effects, can help your pup feel young again.


Fight arthritis at the cellular level

While Carbon 60 has several powerful general therapeutic effects, it also helps fight arthritis at the cellular level. As one of the most potent anti-inflammatories currently known to science, it can sponge up the strong free radicals that contribute to the proliferation of arthritis. A recent study conducted in rats demonstrated that regular doses of Carbon 60 significantly slowed bone destruction and suppressed the spread of arthritis.


Final thoughts

Your four-legged friend deserves to feel their very best. As a dog lover, one of the kindest things you can do for your pooch is to help them enjoy moving and playing. Carbon 60 is the perfect tool to do just that. If you have any questions about Vitality C60 for pets, contact Vitality at 1-866-595-6497.






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