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The Brain on C60: a Breakthrough in Mental Health

Carbon 60 is one of the greatest health discoveries of our time. After being discovered by scientists in the late 1900’s, it was found to have more benefits to the human body with every year that passed. Today, people across the world are considering C60, also known as fullerene, to be a miracle in anti-ageing, longevity, and overall health and well-being.


C60 and Mental Health

With depression and anxiety rates continuing to be on the rise, many people are desperately seeking relief from their poor mental health and are looking to pharmaceutical drugs that pose harmful side-effects to help them. Recently, C60 has found to have extraordinary powers in helping improve the mental health of patients in the majority of cases when taken orally, and best of all, has nothing but positive side effects!


How does C60 Affect the Brain?


Rebalances the Chemistry

C60 has the incredible ability to rebalance brain chemistry, allowing people who struggle with mental health issues to experience relief from their symptoms within only 30 minutes of taking Carbon 60 oil. C60 rebalances the brain chemistry by increasing the efficiency of your cells and ridding your brain of oxidative chemicals that are causing damage to signalling chemicals.


Improves Mental Clarity

According to studies, people have found that C60 improves their mental clarity and their ability to think within minutes. While doing math equations, subjects were given a dose of C60 and reported being able to think through the math problems quicker and with more ease.


Increases Telomere Length

When a person takes C60 the life of their telomeres increases. Telomeres are stretches of DNA found at the ends of chromosomes and are essential to sustaining good health and long life. Typically as a person ages, their telomere length begins to shrink which causes the body to age more rapidly. Though, when taking C60, many people have had their telomere’s increase in length.


Makes the Cells in Your Body Younger

When present in the human body, C60 clears away all of the old, deteriorating cells that are not performing at an optimal level. C60 does this by improving the signal clarity within the body and allowing them to better recognize poorly performing cells, which are then replaced with new tissue generated by the stem cells. This quite literally makes your cells younger by encouraging your body to discard the senescent cells and regenerate new tissue on a regular basis.


Encourages Production of Stem Cells

Stem cells are the key to the regeneration of deteriorating tissues within the body. C60 has the power to encourage and increase the rate of the production of stem cells within the body. This means that damage to the brain or surrounding tissues has the potential to begin healing by taking C60 oil regularly.


Try C60 Today!

Carbon 60 has the ability to help millions of people struggling with anxiety and depression overcome their mental health issues. If you are interested in trying an all-natural, safe, side-effect free and scientifically proven remedy for mental health visit our online store today at




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