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How Does C60 Work as a Longevity Agent?

Why does C60 have this incredible effect?

The science shows that it’s due to its ability to reduce oxidative stress, i.e., the toll of aging on the body. C60 is the best-known antioxidant on Earth, far beyond vitamin C in its antioxidative ability. This means when C60 enters the body it starts disabling free radicals and other so-called “reactive oxygen species” that bombard the body with extra electrons to cause oxidation. C60 is the most efficient free radical scavenger known to humanity.


So how does C60 disable free radicals?

In plain English, here’s how: C60 accumulates in the inner membrane layer of the mitochondria, which is deep inside any cell. C60 has electrical properties; it absorbs protons, which changes the electrical potential across the entire membrane structure. This in turn greatly decreases the formation of superoxides and other ROS. The end result is a reduction in oxidative stress, or more simply, a reduction in the toll of aging on the body.

Some claim that C60 is such a unique molecule that it can actually either give OR receive multiple electrons – which means it is able to neutralize free radicals among electron deficits or among electron surpluses.

This is what makes C60 truly astonishing, because this means it will never become unstable regardless of whether it is donating or accepting electrons. Its structure will stay unaltered, which will allow it to continuously act as a neutralizer or balancer.






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