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Can Carbon 60 Protect You from Radiation Damage?

Exposure to radiation is a natural part of modern life. From the sun’s UV rays to the Earth’s natural electromagnetic radiation to EMFs from electrical devices, we are bombarded with various forms of radiation every day.


What Does Radiation Do to Your Body?

Radiation can have a significant impact on your health and well-being. Ionizing radiation – the type found in harmful minerals and nuclear substances – causes irreparable damage to DNA. Even minor radiation exposure can cause oxidative stress in our cells, which can contribute to poor health and accelerate the aging process.


While your body can naturally eliminate oxidation from the cells, there comes the point when the body becomes overwhelmed by the level of free radicals in your system and can no longer neutralize them effectively.


Carbon 60 is one of the most potent antioxidant substances ever discovered, and by taking C60 daily, you can supplement your body’s natural free-radical elimination process and protect yourself from radiation-induced damage.


How C60 Neutralizes Free Radicals?

Carbon 60 has a spherical structure made up of 60 carbon atoms that are strongly bonded to one another. This shape allows the molecule to act like a ‘free radical sponge’ and absorb significantly higher levels of free radicals than other antioxidant substances.


Free radicals occur when an oxygen molecule splits into two negatively charged oxygen atoms. These negatively charged atoms naturally seek out other free electrons in the body, which causes damage to cells and DNA.


The carbon atoms in C60 have a positive charge that attracts the free radicals. When they bond, the charge on the free radicals is neutralized and no longer dangerous. The C60 then passes through your system to eliminate the free radicals from your body.


Final Thoughts

Help boost your body’s repair process with a daily dose of C60 olive oil to protect your body from radiation damage and slow down aging. Call Vitality at (800)-377-6898 to find out about our selection of high-quality C60 products and visit our blog for more information about this powerful substance.








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