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Carbon 60, also known as a buckyball, is a promising up and coming health trend that has a broad range of health benefits, including managing stress, boosting immunity, alleviating brain fog, and enhancing your skincare routine. However, many consumers wonder whether C60 is a safe addition to their health and wellness regimen.


C60 Research

Since its discovery in 1985, numerous papers have been published expounding on the effects and potential health benefits of C60. While most of the results have been derived from in vitro and animal models, enough positive data has been gathered to warrant beginning controlled human clinical trials.

Some of the results found from studies done over the last two decades have shown that C60 is non-toxic when administered via a plant oil carrier. One of the most exciting studies at the University of Paris found that C60 is non-toxic, and it also significantly prolonged the lifespan of the rat models by actively scavenging free radicals in the cells.


Risks and Side Effects

While human clinical evidence is limited, animal research and anecdotal evidence from C60 users indicate there no adverse effects from using carbon 60 supplements.

However, one complaint that some users experience is a mildly bitter aftertaste as the back of the mouth due to the peppery flavor of the olive oil used as the carrier oil. At Vitality, we use a mild-flavored organic virgin olive oil to minimize the aftertaste.

Additionally, a minority of users have reported some digestive discomfort when consuming C60 olive oil on an empty stomach. To prevent digestive upsets, use C60 olive oil in your cooking, or apply topically.


The Takeaway

To improve your health, take C60 regularly as part of your daily wellness routine. You can find out more about our range of supplements and their benefits by browsing our website or by calling (800)-377-6898.






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