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3 Ways to Keep Your Immune system Strong

Even though your immune health is most important in the winter when the flu spreads quickly, it’s wise to keep it strong year-round. Everyday colds and other ailments can keep you from being your best and even make you miss work.

Since your immune system is so complex, it requires a multi-faceted approach to keep it healthy. Here are the best three ways to keep it strong and responsive to new threats.


Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is a vital part of your body’s ability to rest and recharge every day. Not getting enough sleep can gradually wear down some of your body’s systems, including your immune system’s ability to react to trouble.

Although you should get 7-8 hours of sleep as an adult, many adults don’t get this number, especially during the week. To get to bed on time, consider setting a hard deadline for stopping social media and smartphone use. Try to keep a consistent sleep schedule on the weekends as well, as sleeping extra can throw off your sleep schedule the next night.


Exercise Daily

Daily exercise does more for your body than just keep your metabolism going. Exercise has overall positive effects on your immune system because it helps stimulate blood flow, which helps blood do its important job moving things around your body.

Aerobic exercise is best overall, as it gets your blood pumping more. However, any exercise is better than none, especially if it’s yoga or another exercise that helps you relax.


Take Carbon 60

As your body ages, it accumulates free radicals that float around and gum up your body’s various systems. These molecules can bind to other molecules your body needs and keep them from reaching their intended destination, affecting everything from your metabolism to your immune system.

Carbon 60 is a strong antioxidant that bonds to free radicals and helps your body get rid of them quickly. Vitality C60 is specially formulated to have higher bioavailability so your body can make the most of each dose. Just take one metered pump each day to harness the power of this amazing molecule.




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