Boost your senior dog’s energy with age-appropriate exercise, the right diet, and nutritional supplements like C60.
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3 Ways to Boost Your Senior Dog’s Energy

Everyone wants their dog to live a long, healthy life. As your dog ages, you may notice that they don’t have as much energy, or they move at a slower pace. It can be hard to watch them slow down, but there are steps you can take as a dog parent to boost their energy and overall health.


1.      Use Age-Appropriate Play and Exercise

Older dogs need more rest, but that doesn’t mean they should be lying around all the time. Keep your older dog active with low-impact activities that are easy on their aging joints, like walking and swimming.

Regular, shorter walks through the week can help maintain their weight and wellbeing. Your dog can also benefit from a senior dog sport’s physical and mental stimulation like tracking or obstacle courses.


2.      Change Your Dog’s Diet

If your senior dog starts gaining weight or moving slower, you may want to try changing their food. Since senior dogs aren’t as active, they don’t need as many calories and can quickly gain weight if their food is too high in fat.

Your older pooch might also need other nutrients or vitamins that aren’t in their current food. Talk with your veterinarian to see if modifying your dog’s diet will help. They can give you recommendations for new dog food to try and make sure there isn’t an underlying medical condition, like hypothyroidism, causing your dog’s problems.

3.      Consider Supplements Like C60

Nutritional supplements aren’t just for people anymore. Your dog can take a supplement as part of their overall wellness plan to boost their energy and mobility. Consider giving your dog C60 supplements from Vitality.

This supplement helps your dog reduce inflammation and fight off disease by absorbing toxins and free radicals in their body. Reducing inflammation can lower your dog’s chronic pain and risk of developing disease. C60 can help delay the aging process and boost your dog’s energy.



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