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3 Common Autumn Health Concerns

Autumn is here, and with it comes a new set of health concerns. The weather changes dramatically during this time of the year, making it difficult for the human body to adjust. As a result, most people become ill during the autumn transition. By maintaining a strong immune system and taking supplements, you can avoid seasonal ailments and stay healthy all year long.


1. Disrupted Sleep Cycle

Shorter days cause disruptions in sleep patterns, making it difficult for people to sleep well through the night. The colder weather and shorter days can also cause Seasonal Affective Disorder, a form of depression that can affect your sleep and diet and cause you to have insomnia and poor appetite.


Eating a healthy diet that includes olive oil may also help you sleep better since it contains high levels of melatonin, a natural hormone that helps us sleep.


2. Influenza

As people spend more time inside, this makes it easier for influenza to spread. To limit the spread of influenza, make sure you get vaccinated, cover up your nose and mouth while sneezing, and avoid close contact if you are sick.


The flu virus can result in inflammation, which can result in lung damage or even death. Using C60, known as fullerene, can help lessen the effects of inflammation. Olive oil has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties, including oleocanthal and oleuropein.


3. Joint Pain

When the temperatures drop and air pressure changes, it can be hard on people with arthritis or other joints problems. Exercise can help to reduce joint discomfort.


Stay Healthy This Autumn with C60

Taking anti-inflammatory supplements like C60 can keep you healthy this autumn along with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and sleeping regularly. Visit our website to explore our full selection of C60 olive oil.





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