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How Carbon 60 Promotes Better Sleep

Getting enough restful sleep is one of the most important aspects of your health. You may have heard of the anti-aging benefits of Carbon 60, but this miracle molecule can help you get the sleep you need to fuel your busy days, too.


Resists Obesity

A major complication of obesity is sleep apnea, a condition where your breathing is interrupted as you try to sleep. C60 prevents fat cell growth, making it easier to lose weight and prevent or cure obstructive sleep disorders.

Even minor fat accumulation in your neck area can make it harder to breathe at night, resulting in excessive snoring or sleep apnea. C60 can be a great way to supplement your healthy diet so you can keep weight off and sleep better.


Reduces Stress

C60 soaks up free radicals in your brain, allowing your neurons to function properly. Left unchecked, free radicals proliferate throughout your cells and disrupt normal cell function. When this happens in your brain, it can lead to mood disorders and cognitive decline.

Many people who have trouble sleeping cite stress or a racing mind as what is preventing restful sleep. C60 can improve your mood and set your body up for a more restful night’s sleep.


Repels Pain

As an anti-inflammatory agent, C60 can reduce pain associated with swelling. Arthritics with chronic joint pain often have trouble sleeping due to nagging pain in their joints; the day and night relief made possible by C60 can help you sleep better.

C60 can also help ease muscle pain. Your skin can easily absorb C60 when applied topically, and the buckyballs can reduce inflammation-induced muscle soreness.


Sleep Better with C60

Proper rest can have far-reaching benefits into the rest of your life, stretching from your workplace productivity to your energy to enjoy your favorite activities. Let C60 help you get the sleep you need by investing in high-quality C60-rich products from Allure Imports.



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