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How Carbon 60 Can Help Calm Anxious Pets While You’re Gone

Carbon 60 can help calm your anxious house pets when you’re out of the house for extended periods. However, with its many incredible health benefits, it doesn’t just soothe anxiety or help your pet beat the blues. C60 can also help your pet feel more physically comfortable by promoting joint health and reducing fatigue.


Why Carbon 60 is perfect for your pet

Carbon 60 is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man. C60 neutralizes toxins and free radicals, thereby reducing the oxidative stress the body’s system is under and protecting long-term cell health.


C60, longevity, and anxiety

A recent study conducted on rats demonstrated that a regular dose of C60 nearly doubled their lifespan. Scientists believe that the potent antioxidant effects of C60 helped protect the rat’s cells. These benefits imply that C60 can protect your pet’s body from oxidative stress, neurodegenerative disorders, aging, and even some forms of cancer.


By protecting your pet’s brain health, nerves, and emotional balance, you’re also helping them cope during those longer periods times you’re away. C60 can help reduce your pet’s levels of stress and help them feel more relaxed while protecting the longevity of their entire body.


C60 and joint health

C60 can also help protect your pet’s joints, thereby increasing their daily levels of comfort. C60 also works to fight inflammation in the joints and the spine, which increases endurance and overall strength. Your pet won’t just feel calmer with their daily dose of C60; they will also be in less pain and feel happier and more energetic.


Final thoughts

C60 is a powerful tool for promoting your pet’s longevity and everyday well-being. From reducing symptoms of anxiety to easing joint discomfort, C60 helps your pet live at their best. If you’re interested in giving your pet the gift of Vitality60 today, contact Vitality at 1-866-595-6497.




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