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The VHM-60 Health Hydrogen Machine from Vitality provides several therapeutic health benefits to its users. Not only does it offer state-of-the-art hydrogen therapy, but it does so utilizing cutting-edge technology. Recently, clinical trials have shown the effectiveness of this treatment for a huge number of conditions and ailments, from acute injuries to chronic inflammatory health issues.


What Benefits Does the VHM-60 Health Hydrogen Machine Offer?


  • Hydrogen Therapy offered by this device can help people with diabetes because it can help manage symptoms.
  • Amateur and recreational athletes will find relief using this product because it promotes muscle healing, recovery and aids post-workout stiffness.
  • If you are concerned about aging and skincare, this device’s anti-UV and anti-radiation properties help synthesize collagen and prevent wrinkles.
  • People living with rheumatoid arthritis can also benefit from using hydrogen therapy, as it helps to lower inflammation in the body.
  • If you suffer from cardiovascular disease, this can also help you to manage your symptoms effectively.



Hydrogen Therapy – Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Inhalation Machine


The VHM-60 offers hydrogen therapy in several different ways. It is up to user preference which one suits the needs of your lifestyle. You can choose to administer the treatment through the inhalation method, you can use the water topically, and you can even bathe in it. All these types of treatment are approved and entirely safe for use.

The VHM-60 model offers the user a water flow output of 60 ml per minute, ideal for a single user. If you choose to try the inhalation treatment, you don’t need to worry about purchasing separate equipment, as the device comes with a pre-made H2 inhalation pipe for your convenience.

It comes with convenient portable handles and a compact design, so you can easily move it around your home.

VHM series medical hydrogen machine is used to produce high purity hydrogen for Hydrogen therapy and health-care application. One detail application is active Hydrogen inhalation, which is helpful refresh and keep human body healthy. Active Hydrogen inhalation is approved better effect for human body in Clinical Trials. Another application is make high concentration of dissolved active hydrogen in the drinking water which is also helpful for human body healthy. The third usage is making rich hydrogen bath water. Additionally, it is also designed a special pure oxygen port.

VHM hydrogen generators adopt word leading PEM(proton exchange membrane) H2 generating technology which is the most advanced and healthy method. Thoughtful design for healthy improving and keeping.


How Does the VHM-60 Work?

The type of technology used in the VHM-60 is known as Proton Exchange Membrane technology or PEM. It is not only safe, but it is also incredibly effective and has far fewer side effects than other devices of its type.

To use this incredible machine, you only need distilled or deionized water. Other machines often use liquid electrolytes such as potassium hydroxide to achieve the same result; however, the VHM-60 simply divides the water into its constituents. This advanced method leaves the hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) separated and the hydrogen ready for use.


What Other Advantages Are There of the VHM-60 Device?

The VHM-60 device offers several benefits over other similar devices. It has low cell voltage, and so energy is conserved. It also has a low power consumption because it is incredibly efficient at carrying out the electrolysis of the water.


You can rest assured that all the materials used to produce this hydrogen health machine are of the highest quality. The generator is made using engineered plastics to ensure a long lifespan. You can put aside any safety concerns as the VHM-60 machine has CE and EU standard certificates to its name, as well as BCEIA 10. It also has a useful shut-off feature which means that the device will turn itself off in the event of an emergency.



-Application 1:Fresh hydrogen inhalation;
-Application 2:make hydrogen water
-Rated Pure H2 flow :60ml/min
-Input power:<50w
-Equip Special H2 inhale pipe kit
-Equip portable handle(unique feature)
-Very compact design
-Voltage :AC110v,50-60Hz
-Tech employed:Proton Exchange Membrane
(PEM) Solid Electrolyte
Maintenance-Free and Caustic-Free
-Operating Environment:Indoor, non-classified,
40°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C), < 80% RH,



Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Hydrogen Machine VHM-60

  1. John Mason

    It’s been 2 weeks since I started taking this and my energy is up, which helps me get more work done and in turn reduces stress. All of this combined to help me sleep more (averaging 6 hours per night the past 2 weeks). I am a believer. H2 Therapy is a Great product.

  2. Alex Dietrich

    I’d be happy to review this. I haven’t been using this for all that long, but yet long enough that I think this product has made a difference. I started using C60 and this was recommended to make that work even better. Actually, I think the Hydrogen Machine makes a noticeable difference by it’s self.

    Highly recommend for the health conscious.

  3. Kellie K

    I like this product very much. Both my husband and I use daily. Hydrates and gives stamina.

  4. Caleb F

    H2 Therapy came in well packaged. This provides a great boost when you know you will be working hard, kept my energy up and was not as tired at the end of the day.

  5. Connie

    H2 Therapy is a great product and gives added muscle endurance and strength in my workouts. Plus helps keep my PH balanced and alkaline!

  6. Hillary W

    H2 therapy machine is fantastic! Within 3 days of starting the H2 Therapy my pain and inflammation went away. I can now do activities that I had stopped doing 5 years ago. I have increased energy and better memory recall. I love the product!

  7. Greg

    Truly makes a difference in the way I feel. Love H2 Therapy.

  8. Janet

    Excellent product for cell metabolism and helping with energy and focus when doing weight reduction.

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