Hydrogen oxygen generator (QL-HO-3000)

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High pure hydrogen is produced by the Vitality hydrogen water generator for use in hydrogen therapy and other medical applications. Making active hydrogen water is one specific use, which helps to rehydrate and maintain good health.

Making drinking water with a high concentration of dissolved active hydrogen is another use that is beneficial to human health.


  1. Oxygen at All Times and Places
  2. Count-Efficient Due to Low Operational Costs
  3. Suite and Responsive Technology
  4. Accurate Purity for All Applications
  5. No Rent Along with Bottles/Bundles and Tank Systems Commitments
  6. Zero Co2 Pollutants for The Environment
  7. No Dangerous Goods


Active hydrogen inhalation as a second use. In order to maximize the effects of hydrogen breathing, pure hydrogen is first led into a hydrogen water cup. After being humidified, the hydrogen is then led into a breathing pipe. In clinical trials, active hydrogen inhalation has been shown to have a superior effect on the human body.






Product Advantages:

  • Electrolysis of pure water (without adding alkali)
  • Plural electrode and multi-unit electrolysis cell structure
  • Pure water electrolysis (without adding alkali)
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Low cell voltage • High electrolysis efficiency


Benefit of hydrogen rich water

  • Lubricates muscles and joints; 70% of our body is water.
  • Keeps our wits sharp; the brain need hydration to function because it is over 70% water.
  • Aids in nutrient absorption by the body.
  • Promotes digestion and blood flow
  • Aids in controlling body temperature.
  • Cleanses the body’s cells and tissues.
  • Lowers back pain, headaches, arthritic symptoms, headaches, and other signs of chronic illness.


PEM hydrogen Technology working principle:


Only positive ions and water are able to pass through the proton exchange membrane (PEM) between compartments. The cell’s membrane also functions as the electrolyte, negating the requirement for potentially dangerous liquid electrolytes like pure potassium hydroxide. On either side of this membrane, PEM water electrolysis simply separates pure deionized water (H2O) into its component elements, hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). Water delivered to the anode, or oxygen electrode, is oxidized into oxygen and protons while electrons are released when a DC voltage is given to the electrolyze.

1. Water injected into the oxygen electrode, or anode, oxidized into oxygen and protons while releasing electrons. Protons (H+ ions) move from the PEM to the hydrogen electrode, or cathode, where they collide with electrons from the opposing side of the circuit and are converted to hydrogen gas. The following are the two reactions that take place in the cell:

2. 2H2O -> 4H+ + 4e- +O2

3. 4H+ + 4e- -> 2H2

4. Thus, the only possible components of the streams are hydrogen, oxygen and water moisture, as shown in

Figure 1 below:



Basic Info.

Model NO: QL-HO-3000

Noise Level: Low

Machine Size: Small

Condition: New

Certification: RoHS, ISO, CE, CCC

Hydrogen Output: 2000ml/Min

Oxygen Output: 1000ml/Min

Transport Package: Plywood Box

Specification: 3000ml/min

Production Capacity: 5000 Set Per Year



Packaging & Delivery

Package size per unit product

62.00cm * 35.00cm * 72.00cm

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