Hydrogen Machine VHM-240


The VHM-240 Health Hydrogen Machine from Vitality  produces pure hydrogen in multiple forms. Designed and produced specifically for healing, this device also works for specific therapeutic applications. Hydrogen therapy can aid in many health conditions, including soothing physical discomfort. Several clinical trials have proven the effectiveness of hydrogen-rich water supplementation and therapy using the inhalation method.


What Benefits Does the VHM-240 Health Hydrogen Machine Offer?

 One of the most important benefits of the VHM-240 Health Hydrogen Device is that they require no maintenance. The only thing you will need to use the machine and get started with water or inhalation treatment is distilled or deionized water. Hydrogen Therapy can be used for the following applications:

    • It has anti-UV and anti-radiation properties as it promotes collagen synthesis, which helps treat and prevent wrinkles.
    • It can also help treat those who have rheumatoid arthritis by aiding in controlling the inflammation and improving the body’s immune response.
    • Hydrogen also acts as an antioxidant in the body. This means it is effective against complications of diseases such as diabetes.
    • Hydrogen’s ability to inhibit certain inflammatory responses in the body can also help treat certain types of cardiovascular disease and play a valuable role in managing the symptoms.
    • It aids in the recovery of sports injuries as well as assists those suffering from symptoms of severe muscle fatigue.



Hydrogen Therapy – Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Inhalation Machine


This easy-to-use device has practical, portable handles, making it uniquely suited to people with a busy lifestyle who want to benefit from the VHM-240 on the go or after a long business trip.

VHM series medical hydrogen machine is used to produce high purity hydrogen for Hydrogen therapy and health-care application. One detail application is active Hydrogen inhalation, which is helpful refresh and keep human body healthy. Active Hydrogen inhalation is approved better effect for human body in Clinical Trials. Another application is make high concentration of dissolved active hydrogen in the drinking water which is also helpful for human body healthy. The third usage is making rich hydrogen bath water. Additionally, it is also designed a special pure oxygen port.

VHM hydrogen generators adopt word leading PEM(proton exchange membrane) H2 generating technology which is the most advanced and healthy method. Thoughtful design for healthy improving and keeping.


How Does the VHM-240 Work?

The technology behind the VHM-240 is a Proton Exchange, otherwise known as PEM or Proton Exchange Membrane technology. This system uses distilled and deionized water. The device effectively splits this water into its constituent parts, hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). This PEM technology is a much more advanced and much safer method than its competitors. The PEM membrane eliminates the need for hazardous liquid electrolytes, for example, potassium hydroxide, as it serves as the electrolyte in the cell.

The VHM-240 machine provides hydrogen through water therapy as well as through inhalation. The hydrogen charged water it produces can also be used to bathe in if it suits the users’ lifestyle. The H2 flow produced by this machine is 240 ml, and it comes complete with an H2 inhalation pipe kit for ease of use.


What Other Advantages Are There of the VHM-240 Device?

There are many additional advantages behind the Proton Exchange Membrane Technology that is used in the VHM-240.

It has a low power consumption, meaning the electrolysis of the water is incredibly efficient. It has a low cell voltage which also dramatically assists in conserving energy. The generator is produced using superior quality, high-grade engineering plastics and is built to last.

The machine also benefits from an automatic safety feature for your peace of mind – it will cut out and stop working automatically in an emergency. The overall hydrogen output of the VHM-240 is vast and enough for regular usage.

You can also have peace of mind knowing that the hydrogen machine also has various patents in place. It has passed the CE and EU standard certificates and BCEIA 10.



-Application 1:Fresh hydrogen inhalation;
-Application 2:make hydrogen water
-Rated Pure H2 flow :240ml/min
-Input power:<100w
-Equip Special H2 inhale pipe kit
-Equip portable handle(unique feature)
-Voltage :AC110v,50-60Hz
-Tech employed:Proton Exchange Membrane
(PEM) Solid Electrolyte
Maintenance-Free and Caustic-Free
-Operating Environment:Indoor, non-classified,
40°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C), < 80% RH,




Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Hydrogen Machine VHM-240

  1. James W.

    I wanted a unit delivering high expectations, having the RIGHT components (platinum coated titanium plates), and won’t break the bank. Money was an issue for me as there are many units out there that you can expect to pay 2 and 3 times as much for the same results.

    I purchased this unit. This unit DOES EXACTLY WHAT IT’S SUPPOSE TO DO. It deliver’s correct pH and ORP responses on all settings. I know because I use a Hanna Instruments HI 98121 pH/ORP/Temperature tester. The tester is very accurate when used correctly. On a side note, I think it delivers with excellent results for the least cost. Now, if it lasts, all the better!

  2. Brian B,

    Enjoying the machine. No Problems.

  3. Jessica

    There are so many health related benefits to this super Hydrogen Machine. We use this everyday, and we totally feel the difference. Highly recommended!!

  4. Paul FC

    Outstanding piece of equipment.

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