Vitality C60 440mg – Twin Pack

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The Carbon 60 molecule acts as a super antioxidant, helping cells remove toxins and free radicals, allowing them to return to health quickly and naturally. C60 is the best known Life Extender on the Planet !!

Ingesting this form of pure carbon increases health and longevity.

 C60 Kills Viruses.
 C60 Prevents Inflammation.
 C60 Protects Against Free Radicals.
 C60 Protects Nerves.
 C60 Prevents Osteoarthritis.
 C60 Improves Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome.
 C60 Kills Bacteria.
 C60 Prevents UV Damage

*220 pumps per bottle




C60 oil has been shown to elongate rats’ life span by approx. 90%. The life-prolonging effect of C60 is its ability to quench various free radicals, acting as a free radical scavenger. For oral administration, C60 powder must be dispersed in a high-quality food-grade oil such as olive, linseed, avocado or coconut oil. For high bioavailability, the encapsulation in liposomes (nano-sized lipid carriers) is required. C60 molecules are known for their extremely low water solubility, but even when C60 is mixed into vegetable oil it does not have a good bioavailability. This makes it a demanding task to formulate a supplement with the desired life-prolonging effects. To overcome the problem of lacking bioavailability, the C60 molecules must be encapsulated into liposomes. Our emulsification process forms nano-droplets and liposomes. C60 in liposomal form has superior bioavailability.
C60 oil is has lately gained a lot of attention since the supplementation of C60 in rats has increased the rats’ life span by spectacular 90%. The outstanding effect of C60 on longevity is mainly caused by its superior antioxidant action. C60 oils act as free-radical sponge – scavenging reactive oxygen species (ROS) so that they cannot harm by damaging healthy cells. Thereby, inflammation, ageing and the development of disease can be prevented. A further explanation of C60 fullerenes’ life-prolonging effect is its possibility to act as mitochondria protonophore and various simulations of the transport of C60 and its hydroxylated and other derivatives through lipid bilayer membranes, which can account for scavenging capacity of fullerenes for reactive oxygen species and their acting as mild mitochondrial respiration uncouplers.


Benefits of our Superior Dispersion Method:

  • Intact C60 molecules totally dispersed under Nitrogen Blanket preventing oxidation
  • Complete Liposomal encapsulation without floculated particles
  • Excellent bioavailability
  • Stable formulation

Benefits of C60

  • Improved longevity
  • Free radical scavenging
  • Prevention against inflammation
  • Protection of nerves
  • Protection against UVA radiation
  • Deactivation of bacteria and viruses


Maintaining a healthy mind and body that can fight off disease and perform well at work, during sports, or just throughout life in general requires consuming enough antioxidants to support our cells and our immune system. Normally we absorb these from Vitamin-C- rich fruits and vegetables, but today’s world full of preservatives, pesticides and pathogens are stressing out our bodies more than ever before. Even healthy eaters struggle to get enough antioxidants. That’s why we made Vitality.

Comprised of 100% organic oils enhanced with C60 (a natural molecule named for its 60 carbon atoms). Harness the potential of the most potent antioxidant that boosts your body’s strength to fight off the aggressors it encounters on a daily basis. Shown to enhance physical performance and cognition, as well as positively impact longevity, C60 is a phenomenal way to make sure you’re leading a long and healthy life.



Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Vitality C60 440mg – Twin Pack

  1. Joseph L.

    I have only used it a couple of weeks. It definitely lifts my brain fog and keeps my energy level consistent throughout the day. Also, a hip problem I’ve been experiencing for months now seems to be kind of fixing itself a little bit each day! If that’s due to the C60, then I’m definitely a life customer for Vitality C60! 🙂

  2. Florence T.

    I have been taking this now for about a month and still enjoy the actual rush of good feeling. I have been told this aide in strengthening telomeres which has a positive impact on longevity. I don’t know whether that is true or not but the warm tingly feeling is a pretty good reason to keep taking this product. Since we are carbon based lifeforms, it must do something good for the body. Vitality C60 have had such miracles as having their gray hair turn back to the color of their youth. Now wouldn’t that be amazing?

  3. Maria W.

    1st I am a foodie so i know real quality olive oil when I taste it.
    3nd I am very healthy a homesteader – grow/raise almost 90% of what we eat and detoxed long ago
    but when I took Vitality C60 I feel like 20 years young.
    I’ve been using Vitality C60 for 10 months now. I’m 68 years old but feel much, much younger. My energy level is high and my stamina is better than it was when I was 40. People around me at work are hacking and coughing but I don’t get sick. Not one day of missed work in 10 months. Just before starting it I fell on ice and jammed my shoulder pretty good. Doc thought I might need surgery but it healed completely after about two months. My wife started talking it about 6 months ago and has had the same kind of results. Good stuff.

  4. Sara Mullen (verified owner)

    I used to use a different brand, but I like this one better because of the pump bottle, the potency, and the ease/clarity of dosage. After taking this for a few weeks, I noticed that I could squat down without my knees hurting. I once ran out of the product for a while and realized how much this increased my energy and clarity because I regressed back to sluggish and foggy headed without it. This is one supplement I don’t want to be without. They also have great customer service which I appreciate.

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