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The Hydrogen Machine model QL-H300T requires no maintenance. You can rest assured that the only thing necessary to get started with hydrogen therapy is distilled or deionized water ready to put into the machine.

People with different health conditions can benefit from the QL-H300T Health Hydrogen Machine.

  • Those who practice sports regularly will be pleased to know this device can help with muscle recovery and muscle stiffness.
  • It promotes the synthesis of collagen in the skin and can help with wrinkles and aging. This is due to its anti-UV and anti-radiation properties.
  • Cardiovascular disease is another condition that can benefit from the use of hydrogen therapy. It can be used to manage symptoms that arise from this disease.
  • It can help treat rheumatoid arthritis by reducing inflammation levels and act as an antioxidant to help those with the symptoms associated with diabetes.




Hydrogen Therapy – Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Inhalation Machine


The QL-H300T Health Hydrogen Machine from GoodLife OnDemand Hydrogen Therapy is a safe and effective device that offers several health benefits to users.

QL-H series medical hydrogen machine is used to produce high purity hydrogen for Hydrogen therapy and health-care application. One detail application is active Hydrogen inhalation, which is helpful refresh and keep human body healthy. Active Hydrogen inhalation is approved better effect for human body in Clinical Trials. Another application is make high concentration of dissolved active hydrogen in the drinking water which is also helpful for human body healthy. The third usage is making rich hydrogen bath water. Additionally, it is also designed a special pure oxygen port.

QL-H hydrogen generators adopt word leading PEM(proton exchange membrane) H2 generating technology which is the most advanced and healthy method. Thoughtful design for healthy improving and keeping.

The QLH300T model produces pure hydrogen using safe and effective methods. With this device, hydrogen therapy can be administered through both water and inhalation methods. The water produced can also be used for bathing, which can help ease the symptoms of certain chronic health conditions and pain and muscle soreness.

This machine produces an impressive flow of 300 ml a minute, which is ideal for regular usage. It also comes along with an H2 inhalation pipe in the package. The device is incredibly user-friendly and is great for anyone leading a varied lifestyle. This model comes with portable handles meaning you can take your hydrogen therapy device with you wherever you go.


How Does the QL-H300T Work?

The QL-H300T uses pioneering technology known as PEM or Proton Exchange Membrane technology. This technology is safer than other methods of producing therapeutic hydrogen that you will find on the market.


You only need distilled or deionized water to put into the device, and it does all the rest of the work for you. This hydrogen health machine splits the water into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). This is an advanced method that does not require any liquid electrolytes that may be hazardous to users, such as potassium hydroxide. This is achieved by the Proton Exchange membrane acting as the electrolyte of the cell.


What Other Advantages Are There of the QL-H300T device?

The Proton Exchange technology utilized in the QL-H300T device is unique and provides many benefits over other models of its type. The device has low cell voltage and therefore helps to conserve energy. The machine il has a very low power consumption as it performs the electrolysis of the water with excellent efficiency.


The quality of materials used to produce the QL-H300T is of a very high standard. High-quality engineering plastics that stand the test of time are used to build the generator, the machine’s hub.


It also has safety features such as an auto-shut-off mode which is effective in the rare event of an emergency but gives users peace of mind. The patents that exist for the QL-H300T hydrogen machine include BCEIA 10 as well as certificates for CE and EU standards.



-Application 1:Fresh hydrogen inhalation;
-Application 2:make hydrogen water
-Rated Pure H2 flow :300ml/min
-Input power:<150w
-Equip Special H2 inhale pipe kit
-Equip portable handle(unique feature)
-Voltage :AC110v,50-60Hz
-Tech employed:Proton Exchange Membrane
(PEM) Solid Electrolyte
Maintenance-Free and Caustic-Free
-Operating Environment:Indoor, non-classified,
40°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C), < 80% RH,




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3 reviews for Hydrogen Machine – QLH300

  1. Zack Cox

    Gives you so much energy. Gets me through my work out. Awesome

  2. Megan

    My stressors at work seem to be easier to manage, too. Love H2 Therapy!

  3. Alex Sims

    Outstanding piece of equipment.

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