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Why Vitality C60 for Pets is Better Than the Competition

Most pet owners want the best for their fur babies, and Vitality C60 offers you just that. In 2012, research showed that a dose of C60 doubled rats’ lifespan who received a dose. While your pet’s lifespan may not double, they will experience many health benefits using Vitality C60, including increased energy, reduced inflammation, and faster healing times after an injury.

When choosing your C60 supplier, it’s essential you find a transparent, responsible company like Vitality C60. Your pet is part of your family, and you should only give them C60 from a company you trust.



At Vitality C60, we are open with our process and committed to educating pet owners about how C60 can help their pets live longer, more fulfilling lives. We believe in transparency and sharing information about our manufacturing partners.

Our laboratory partners use an innovative dispersion technique to ensure the highest possible concentration of C60 molecules in all our products. The other manufacturing option, using magnetic stirrers for two weeks in the open air, results in oxidation and can cause contamination from dust particles.


Easy to Administer

Many of our fur babies are picky eaters, and you may wonder how to administer the C60 in a way your pet will eat it. Vitality C60 comes in a spray bottle, making it simple to give your pet a dose.

The metered spray bottle means you won’t need to worry about giving too much or too little. If your furry friend doesn’t like the spray, you can also easily spray Vitality C60 onto their food, whether wet or dry, and your pet won’t notice the difference.


Buy Your Vitality C60 Today

We adopt a pet for life. Vitality C60 can help your pet fight off viruses and diabetes and reduce chronic pain.

Buy your bottle of Vitality C60 for Pets today and start improving your pet’s life.





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