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What Does ESS60 Have to Do with C60?

Essentially, ESS60 is C60 but made into a formula that living creatures can digest and use more efficiently.

In the monumental study conducted on rats in Paris in 2012, scientists and researchers gave rats either water, olive oil, or olive oil with ESS60. Those rats who had the ESS60 almost doubled their lifespan, astonishing researchers.


The Difference between C60 and ESS60

ESS60 is C60, but better. C60, in its raw form, is not healthy for human consumption. ESS60. Natural C60 is mainly used for industrial purposes. ESS60 has gone through specific processes to make it healthier if you or your pet to take an ESS60 C60 supplement.

To make it beneficial for humans, C60 is vacuum oven-baked, washed, and stirred in the dark with inert buffer gas to make it into the wondrous supplement instead of merely an industrial asset.


How C60 is Made

C60, in its raw state, is made in a laboratory by arcing an electric beam between two carbon electrodes. What is produced is a sooty substance from which the buckyballs are extracted.

After the sooty substance is created, it is treated with organic solvents to extract the buckyballs. This isn’t a simple process as C60 doesn’t readily dissolve in solvents. It also passes through a particular machine to remove the molecules. Finally, it is cleaned using chromatography.

The result is a powder that has a high concentration of buckyballs – upwards of 99.9%.


Why Choose ESS60?

The only two forms of allotropic carbon that the scientific world knew about were graphite and diamonds. In the mid-1980s, C60, specifically ESS60, was added to that list.

Essentially, ESS60 is the purified version of C60. It still absorbs a massive amount of free radicals, which decreases oxidative stress on the body. Oxidative stress is one of the major causes of aging in the human body, and ESS60 reduces the effects of this stress.


The Takeaway

This purified version of C60 was used in the rat study that showed such fantastic health benefits. If you’re going to choose a C60 supplement, opt for the best.






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